“The light is incredible. I used it on a 24-hour ride last weekend and it’s superior to any generator-powered halogen or LED light that I’ve ever used.”

- Mark Thomas, Randonneur, 3 x Paris-Brest-Paris finisher, Redmond, WA.

“The M33 is the ultimate light for competitions and training.”

- Seppi Rottmoser, World Cup winner in ski mountaineering, German national team member.

“I was riding home last night when I passed a group of pedestrians waiting to cross the road and heard one remark "It’s only a bicycle!!", they must have thought I was a motorcycle.” - Andrew Blake, engineer, Australia.

“Supernova riders cannot be photographed from the front at night. You’d only see a bright white explosion in the pictures...“ - Tom Janas,

“You’ll never have the sense that you’re riding down a narrow tunnel with this headlight. It’s more like riding on a nice sunny day.” - Peter White, Hillsborough, NH, USA.

“The best dynamo LED light for urban bikes.” - Morten Kristiansen, urban bike designer

“We’ve been training with your lights all winter, they are the best. They have just the right balance between the trail and the surroundings.“- Bob Ostrom, Anchorage, Alaska - Iditarod Race participant.

“The Supernova E3 is the perfect light for 24 hr racing and winter training: light weight, very bright and with an unlimited burn time.” - Christoph Lörcks, XP-Sport, 2 x 24 hr MTB World Champion and European Champion

"The lights keep what they promise and I can only say that I recommend this light to anyone who wants to have reliable and great vision in winter or at night in general." - Dipl.-Ing. Marc Roell, Munich, Germany

“During the 24 hr MTB race at the Nürburgring, which we won with the Trek-Brentjens Mountainbike Racing Team we had, even during the night a very good view. The lights from Supernova gave us so much light in the dark night that we could do the same speed as in daylight. “

- Bart Brentjens, Olympic XC gold medal winner.

“Thanks to the excellent illumination of turns of the E3 Triple, I can calmly wait for dawn even on the smallest roads.“

- Walter Jungwirth,


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